How to Deal With Aggressive Dogs; The Pooch Coach Trains USPS Workers

We’ve been bringing you her expert tips here at Yellow Dog Blog and now our training expert is the official trainer of San Francisco USPS mail carriers on how to deal with aggressive dogs.

Beverly Ulbrich visited the main mail-sorting facility March 21 to lead two talks to a group of postal carriers before they headed out on their daily routes.


Beverly talked about how fear is the driving force for why dogs attack.

“Younger dogs’ fear almost always turns into aggresion when they get older,” Ulbrich says. “Unless a dog has an actual mental disorder, which is rare, they don’t suddenly attack out of nowhere. There are always signs, some more subtle than others.”

If a dog attacks, it may seem natural to run or fight back but The Pooch Coach says that’s the last thing you should do.


“People panic and run or jump around,” Ulbrich says. “This just incites the dog further. You need to stay calm. In my children and dog workshops, we tell children to ‘act like a tree’ and hold still. Then the dog will not see you as a threat and will hopefully lose interest.”

If your dog barks when people walk by the house or shows aggression, it is important to see a professional to learn how to correct the bad behavior as soon as possible. And if there’s a dog in your neighborhood you fear may be aggressive, you can do something about it.

“Always report dogs who are acting aggressively,” Ulbrich says. “Every bad dog mauling case I’ve worked on could have been avoided if people had just stepped forward and reported the dog earlier. Instead, people speak up after the incident and say they were scared of or bitten by the dog.”

You don’t have to worry about the dog being put down if you make a report; The Pooch Coach says that will not happen.

“You’re helping to get the dog the training he or she needs to be happy and comfortable around people and dogs,” Ulbrich says. “You also might be saving someone from getting a very serious or even fatal injury.”

If you are in a threatening situation, call 911. Otherwise, you can call 415-554-9422 to report a dog bite in San Francsico. You can also fill out a report for a vicious and dangerous dog hearing.

You can also watch The Pooch Coach’s demonstration to USPS carriers for tips on how to deal with aggressive dogs.

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