Suspicious Meatballs Found Again in San Francisco

San Francisco dog owners beware! Suspicious meatballs were once again spotted in the Twin Peaks and Richmond neighborhoods of San Francisco, setting off another scare nearly eight months after a dachshund died from eating a poison-laced meatball.

KRON 4 San Francisco

Police found hundreds of poisonous meatballs in July, 2013 around the Twin Peaks and Diamond Heights neighborhoods. Investigators think whoever left those poisoned meatballs was trying to kill dogs.

And that perpetrator may be striking again.

A reported sightning of even more meatballs Tuesday morning in Nob Hill turned out to be balls of clay. Police aren’t sure if the morning call was an intentional attempt to trick them.

The meatballs and balls of clay have been sent for poison testing, but the results won’t be in for a couple weeks.

If you spot a meatball, police say you should not touch it and call 911 for help; the poison in the meatballs from last year could be absorbed by humans simply by touching it.

Officials are advising pet owners to keep dogs on a short leash until the situation is resolved.

Check out KRON 4’s full report on the meatball scare:

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