Downsizing with a dog? Follow these 6 steps for an easy transition

By: jessica brody

Downsizing can be a great way to save money and simplify your life but pet owners face a few more challenges when moving into a smaller space. If you plan out your move carefully, you and your furry friend can have an easier transition to a smaller property.

1. Declutter and purge

When you’re downsizing, you need to take plenty of time to declutter and purge. Go through all of your belongings, room by room, and get rid of or donate items that you don’t use anymore. You may also have to sell or give away some of your furniture when you make a move to a smaller property.

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2. Find a smaller, pet-friendly property

You and your furry friend must find a pet-friendly property that meets your needs. Look for a space that can accommodate your pet’s size and nature. If you plan on moving to an apartment or condo with a dog, try to find a place with a dog park in the community. Check the community association’s rules to make sure there aren’t restrictions on breeds or types of pets.

3. Stage your home for sale

Along with buying a new home for you and your pet, you need to stage your current home so it sells fast. Survey your home to determine what needs to be fixed or upgraded so you get the best price. If there is damage to your property from your pet—like scratched floors, torn carpet, or pet odors—make sure to remedy it before showing.

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4. Keep your pet safe during showings

To make the sale, think about the logistics of showings and open-house events. Most real estate professionals advise sellers to keep pets away during home showings. Buyers may be turned off by a resident cat or dog in a home for sale. Consider taking your dog for a long walk if there is a showing coming up so he isn’t stressed out, or have a friend watch your pet during an open house.

5. Think of space-saving tricks

After you have found the perfect smaller place for you and your pet, you’ll need to be creative with space-saving tips. The key is to plan out storage solutions throughout your home to keep things organized. Keep your pet supplies in an easily accessible cabinet or storage tub so your furry pal is comfortable and happy in the new space.

6. Help your pet adjust

The last part of the downsizing process is adjusting to your new home. Take your time introducing the new space to your cat or dog. Cats need adjustment time in a quiet, closed-off room for a few days after a move. Dogs may need extra reassurance and attention as they settle into the new place.

The bottom line

Are you ready to downsize and move to a smaller, more affordable home with your pet? Get your home ready to sell, consolidate your stuff, and find the right home both you and your pet can enjoy!

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