Stray Dogs From Sochi Arrive for Adoption

This is a great story. Ten dogs are now up for adoption in Washington D.C. after being rescued from the streets of Sochi during the Olympic Games.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images. A supervisor at the Washington rescue housing the stray pups checks on one of the little guys.

The dogs are described as very sweet and well mannered but a little stressed out from the two-day trip from Russia. They’ll be given a medical evaluation and will be available for adoption within weeks, if all goes well.

Organizers at the rescue housing the pups say there has been a lot of interest in these dogs because people heard about the horrible conditions for strays in Sochi with dogs being rounded up and killed.

We at YDB want to take this opportunity to remind everyone how many other dogs are homeless in the United States and ready to be adopted. If you are considering buying a dog or cat, please remember approximately 9,000 animals are put to sleep EVERY DAY. That’s about six innocent pets per minute. It’s heartbreaking.

Yellow Dog and Sundown are both rescues we adopted at five-months-old and they’re just perfect! We can’t fathom the fact they were nearly put down. Please support no kill shelters and local rescue groups! Visit Best Friends Animal Society for more information or to look for adoptable furry friends in your area!

And be on the lookout for a new series coming to YDB called Rescue Me where we will highlight rescues groups around California. Coming soon!

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