Reminder: GGNRA Comment Period Ending Soon!

The clock is ticking to tell the Golden Gate National Recreation Area what you think about their Dog Management Plan; public comments are due by February 18, 2014!

By now, you’re likely aware of the GGNRA’s plan to drastically reduce dog access at a number of national parks around the Bay Area, including Fort Funston (if not, see our links at the end of this post). To give you a visual idea of the land the GGNRA wants to take away at the Fort, check out this telling image courtesy of Rocky at Ocean Beach DOG:


You can see access will be drastically cut, with cuts represented by the red on the map. The green areas are the only areas dogs will be allowed off-leash, a mere fraction of the current off-leash area.

And it’s not just Fort Funston! Crissy Field, Ocean Beach, and other National Recreation Areas in Marin and San Mateo are also under the gun. In all, the proposal would cut access by almost 90 percent.

You won’t find this information being advertised by the GGNRA. They are required to inform of the public of their proposed changes and this is their idea of informing the public, a couple makeshift signs with minimal information that are often blown over on the ground at Fort Funston:


Some dog advocacy groups are trying to go over the GGNRA’s head; they wrote a letter to the Secretary of the Interior asking for help appealing to the GGNRA, which they say is ignoring blantant opposition to the plan and failing to manage the land the way it was intended when the city handed it over in the 1973. 

Don’t forget to voice your opinion and comment on the plan. The comment period has been extended through February 18, 2014, due to the government shutdown late last year. You must submit your comments by 11 p.m. that day and you can comment more than once. In the words of, “speak now or forever hold your leash!”

If you need more information or would like to join an opposition group, please check these useful links:

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Website with info and links,

Petition for Congressional oversight of GGNRA pet policy