When Dogs Chew Your Stuff

A chewed shoe. Or carpet. Or couch. Or insert chewed item here.

chewed shoeWhen you come home to “accidents” such as these, it’s easy to blame your dog. But guess what? It’s your fault! You didn’t provide your dog with an outlet to release his energy and he took it out on your shoe, or other household items. Your dog could also be anxious about being left alone.

“A tired dog is a good dog,” behavioral therapist and trainer Beverly Ulbrich says. “Making sure your dog has enough physical and mental stimulation to drain his nervous energy will ensure his safety when left alone.”

If you aren’t able to get your dog out for a long-enough walk, it’s a good idea to go with a chew alternative, such as a bully stick.

“Most dogs like to chew as a stress release,” Ulbrich says. “It’s best to give them something healthy and safe to chew on so they won’t chew things that are toxic to them or precious to you.”

Bully sticks are made from (earmuffs!) a cow’s nether-regions but they are easily digestible and dogs love them—just ask Yellow! They are also a great resource for keeping your dog’s teeth clean and healthy. The caveat: they stink. I mean, they STIIIINK. We’ve tried odorless bullies from Best Bully Sticks and they are vastly less smelly than ones you can pick up at your corner pet store.

“Most dogs like to chew as a stress release, so it’s best to give them something healthy and safe to chew on.”

We avoid rawhides, mainly because they give Yellow loose stool (Sundown tolerates them better) and can be dangerous. Rawhides are made from animal hide and are hard to digest. They often contain chemicals and, although rare, can even get stuck in a dog’s intestines.

Yellow loves bully sticks and Mommy loves getting deals on them. Pet Food Express runs a forever discount of buy three, get one free. And you can always buy the 30-inch bully stick and saw it into pieces for added savings. Best Bully Sticks is actually cheapest when you buy in bulk (25 bullies).

Of course, your first line of defense against destroyed property is training your pup.

“It’s best to teach your puppy or new dog what’s off-limits right away so they learn what is okay to put in their mouths and what is not,” Ulbrich says.

Make sure you are taking your dog for daily walks and not leaving him alone for extended periods of time. But an additional method to helping him release energy is letting him chew on approved items, such as bully sticks.

Stay Yellow, my friends.


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