How to Pick the Best Dog Name for Your New Pup

You lock eyes with your new furry friend at the shelter or an adoption event. You know it’s meant to be, so you scoop them up and take them home.

There’s so much to do! Paperwork, vet appointments, new dog gear—toys, beds, treats, and home decor are a must! And of course, you have to name your new family member.

Like two-legged kids, you don’t have a lot of time to get your know your new addition before giving them a moniker. For us, Yellow Dog and Sundown were fairly easy to name, but Mocha—now affectionately and more aptly named Squeak—was more difficult to pin down.

Maybe you’re like us and are indecisive about your new dog’s name because you just don’t know their personality yet. Or maybe you want something unique. After all, some of the most popular names might be getting old—who wants to be the third Cooper or Bella at the dog park?

Either way, Shutterfly’s dog name generator can help.

First you pick your dog’s gender, or if you prefer a gender neutral name. Then, your style! Here are your options:

  • Famous
  • Hipster
  • Historic
  • Popular
  • Unique
  • All of the above

Voila! Dozens of names to choose from!

Here are the top-ten most popular names, if you’re looking for those, or looking to avoid them: